Monday, March 22, 2010

Urban Legends For College Spring Break

Drunk Student Becomes Victim to Organ Harvester
There are all kinds of good reasons to avoid binge drinking in college. However, the danger of losing vital organs is pretty low on the list. Urban myths about organ thieves who steal organs and then leave victims in an ice bath with a note to call 9/11 have been circulating for years, and the college variation (which, according to some, allegedly took place at the University of Texas) is no more true than any of the others.

Sorority Girl Dies From Too Much Time at Tanning Booth
Apparently she really wanted a tan for Spring Break, so she went to as many tanning booths as she could over the weekend, and bam, she died. This is another college urban myth that evolved from a more general urban myth. Originally, the story was about a high school girl who got herself overly tanned for her prom.....More

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