Tuesday, January 12, 2010

104-year-old strongman dies after being hit by car

NEW YORK ? A famed strongman who once lifted 3,200 pounds at Coney Island during its heyday and was still bending quarters with his fingers at age 104 died today after he was hit by a minivan. World War II veteran, Rollino got his start as a strongman in the 1920s during the high point of the Coney Island carnival, and he billed himself as the ?Strongest Man in the World.? ?He?s a hero?s hero. We should celebrate him. ?A true patriot, an athlete?s athlete.? At Rollino?s birthday party last year, a friend gave him a quarter, and Rollino bent it between his fingers. ?And you know what, he apologized. He said he used to be able to do it with a dime.? ---...More

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