Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Crazy News-2nd Granddaughter of Minnesota Powerball Winners Tested For Krabbe Disease

This is crazy and sad.

2nd Granddaughter of Minnesota Powerball Winners Tested For Krabbe Disease
Baby Allison gets tested for Krabbe disease

MINNEAPOLIS -- Powerball winners Paul and Sue Rosenau, of Waseca, Minnesota, lost their granddaughter to Krabbe disease five years ago.The Rosenaus have been active in raising awareness for Krabbe disease, and the attention and newly-won millions will only help their cause.

“It’s fairly overwhelming because you have family and friends kind of coming out of the woodwork,” the Rosenaus’ daughter, Stacy, said. “We feel blessed that we have been given this and we hope that people see that we are going to use it for a greater good.”

Stacy’s first daughter, Makayla, was born with Krabbe’s -- a degenerative genetic disorder that attacks the nervous system. When treatments didn’t help, the disease ultimately took her life at the age of 2.

“Once she had died, it was like we had to learn to live again,” Stacy said.
Makayla died May 4, five years ago. Coincidentally, it was the same day Paul and Sue Rosenau held the winning Powerball ticket worth $180.1 million.

“We believe in a little divine intervention,” Paul Rosenau said.

The Rosenaus opted for an $88 million lump sum worth about $60 million after taxes

“Now we can leave a legacy for Makayla,” Stacy said.

Krabbe Disease is hereditary, leaving the family with concern over Stacy’s second daughter, Allison, who was born last week. Today, Allison will be tested for the same gene.

“We love her dearly, but our hearts on the line as far as if she’s healthy,” Stacy said.


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